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In order for you to be a certified insurance agent, you must first be able to pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam. To help you with that accomplishment, Statewide Insurance Specialists Services have prepared this excellent Practice Exam to help you reach that much needed score of 70% to pass—that's all you need to pass 70%!!!!

We have specifically designed this Exam to familiarize yourself with all the main concepts and topics that will be tackled in the actual exam. We guarantee that if you score at least a 90% on this 250 questions practice exam—YOU'LL PASS the actual State Exam with flying colors. Here's the deal—score 90% on the practice exam and take the actual exam within 5 days. You'll get five chances to practice the exam. And if thereafter you don't pass the actual EXAM the FIRST TIME! We will refund 100% of your payment paid for the practice exam. So let's get started!!!!!

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